Barbara Strax, ERYT, RPYT, YACEP
Barbara Taylor Strax is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance Registry. She has studied since 1978 with several Houston teachers such as Lex Gillan of the Yoga Institute and Robert Boustany of Pralaya Yoga.

In 2006 she completed a year of study, culminating with an Instructor's Certification at Boustany Hatha Yoga Studio. She understands firsthand the power of yoga and believes that traditional hatha yoga safely promotes health, well being, flexibility, and strength. Breathing techniques encourage relaxation, stress reduction, and increased confidence.

Classes taught include Prenatal, Mom and Baby, Gentle Yoga, and Corporate Yoga at Schlumberger, Prenatal Yoga at Joy Yoga Center, Restorative Yoga MD Anderson YMCA.

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After attending The Integrative Medicine Program for Yoga Teachers at MD Anderson Cancer Center, I feel the need to help promote yoga as a complementary therapy for those managing symptoms associated with cancer and its treatments.

Alternative approaches can be found here, so take a look:


I experienced my first yoga class at age 17. The calmness and composure I felt stayed with me long after that day. New to Houston in 1977, I began classes at the Yoga Institute. More recently, having the good fortune of meeting Robert Boustany, I attended his classes. He inspired me to teach which led me to study with him and complete the course of study in 2006. I would then meet and study with Billie Gollnick, my mentor and role model for the authentic practice of traditional hatha yoga.

My objective as a teacher is to hopefully instill that sense of peace of mind and well being I have come to know over the decades. As an active, older adult, I hope to appeal to mature adults who wish to learn gentle postures to improve flexibility, coordination, and to develop strength and an increased sense of vitality.

In the decades since the 70's, I continue to attend classes with a variety of seasoned instructors in addition to teaching several classes a week. I am so glad Yoga has a strong presence in Houston and that there are so many resources available in our community.


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